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About Us

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Welcome to activeworld.info a one stop shop for remedies to relationships and marital challenges.

We’re posed to giving you the very best of products ranging from physical to information within three focal areas such as sex, health and wealth or finance which happen to make up a balanced and healthy relationship.

This organization was founded in 2015 by Mr. Osayande and Dr. Mrs. Ewere Okungbowa.

Mr. Osayande Okungbowa is a spirit filled born again believer with a deep passion for uniting and gathering people together. Alongside his academic qualification, he had acquired vast training on Peer education as a PEER counselor from the prestigious UNICEF and other well known humanitarian organizations. He had earlier worked as a PEER counselor in the youth resource centre along Ihama road G.R.A, Benin City, Nigeria under Edo state government which happens to be his current employer.

Dr (Mrs.) Ewere Okungbowa is also a born again and spirit filled woman. She is an academician in the university setting currently working with Benson Idahosa University, Benin City, Nigeria as a lecturer and course adviser. She is an Economist, a specialist in the areas of International Trade and Finance as well as development economics. She had earlier obtained training on human psychology and guidance and counselling from college of education, Agbor, Delta State, Nigeria. She had also acquired education on life skills training from the same Youth resource centre.
When activeworld started, our major goal which has not changed was to see that broken or near broken homes and relationships are restored back and even get better through a one-on-one counseling and praying with distressed couples who needed intervention in their marriages. And our major clients were friends and relatives, but with much research and experience on the job, it became glaring that relationship and marital challenges are all encompassing as it ranges from; health, sex, finance, third parties influence, infertility related challenges to mention but a few and these cut across the globe. This revelation was what prompted us to broaden our focal areas to be sex, health and finance as well to to broaden our horizons by going online with an intention to service more client from all over the globe.

We do hope by the grace of God that as we offer our services and products you will enjoy them and there will be more restored homes.
For any questions, comments and one-on-one counseling please don’t hesitate to contact us through any of the medium that is provided in the contact page.

Mr. and Dr (Mrs.) Osayande Okungbowa
Founder and co-founder.

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Harvey Spector

Founder - CEO

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Rachel Zain

Marketing Head

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Lead Developer

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Intern Designer

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Intern Designer

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