Health Related Problems and Relationship

As stated in our earlier post, specifically relationship challenges could be grouped mainly into three aspects which includes:

  • sex related problems
  • health related problems, and,
  • finance or wealth related problems.

Health related challenges in marital or romantic relationship has to do with a situation whereby one or both couples are down with one or more ailments which tend to dampen the romance in the relationship. there is no doubt that marital relationship is expected to stand strong in the face of sicknesses and diseases based on the vow at the point of entry, the truth remains that no matter what, when one’s spouse is down with one ailment or the other it will definitely affect the marital relationship adversely.

Examples of ailments that can affect the romance and sexual satisfaction in marital relationship includes the following among others :

a. Diabetes

b. Erectile dysfunction (ED)

c. High blood pressure

d. Stroke

e. Mental illness

f. Autism/ epilepsy

g. arthritis etc.

Most of these ailments may not in themselves affect relationship directly, but indirectly through the sexual side effects of the medications that are employed in managing them. For instance, such health issues can affect the genital arousal of the couples, affect their sexual drive and desire,  the ability of couples to get aroused and as well as their ability to maintain an erection or achieve orgasm. All these will in turn affect the quality of life, cordial or satisfactory relationship as well as the sex life of the couple.

On the other hand, research and experience have shown that in some cases most of the above listed health challenges can stem from poor relationship and as such suffice to say that relationship (poor type) can affect the couple’s health if proper care and measures are not taken.

Specifically, frequent conflicts in marriages can cause some damaging responses in the body such as poor appetite, inflammations, increase in the secretion of stress hormones which will in turn affect the couple’s immune system, and other aspects of their health like their hearts.

Consequently, we can say that a bi-causal relationship runs between health and relationship. This is because health related problems can affect relationship and on the other hand, relationship particularly the poor ones can also affect health.

With the above, you will agree with me that health is very paramount to healthy relationship.

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