With Superlife you can live a healthy and wealthy life by basically changing stock or becoming a user , promoter and a distributor of our potent and efficacious products: STC30, SNC, SCC 15 and SIC.

STC30 is a stem cell based therapy that has the potency to enhance your God-given in built stem cells also known as “mother cell” which is meant to ordinarily and naturally help to build your own cells and fix any damaged organs in your body. Better still it is meant to help your body to heal itself. But, due to our lifestyle, invasion of free radicals and heavy metals in our bodies through constant exposure to the excessive ultra-ray from sunshine and emissions of carbon monoxide from cars and heavy machines, our God given stem cell gradually degenerates and becomes unable to do the task of helping to replace, repair, rejuvenate, and renew the specialized cells in our bodies. As a result of this failure or weakness of the “mother cell”, sicknesses and diseases that our bodies are supposed to be able to fight and overcome tend to overpower our bodies and even in some many cases take the life of the victims.

This is where our plant stem cell therapy called STC30 comes handy. When you take this STC30 for a period of 90 days depending on the severity and how long that ailment has lasted, it will first start by boosting your own in built God-given stem cell so it can start functioning optimally, it will located the dead or damaged cells in your body that need attention, it will move to all parts of the body directly from the brain to the blood streams since it is taken sublingually to start its work of:






those cells and in no time those issues that your tissues and organs are faced with will start giving and then it will be cured completely. Now TIME I SAY IS REQUIRED, the healing and recovery process is Gradual, Comprehensive, Holistic and very effective.

This is how STC30 works it is not some sort of magic, ‘voodu” or gimmicks, the science behind the working of STC30 is that of a “Stem cell Activator”

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